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Gerald Green Alley-Oops It To Himself

Not too long ago I had one of those drunken adventures on the NBA Trade Machine. There were some interesting ones, some terrible ones, but one I felt was decent sent Jeff Green to Houston for Asik. It was one of those trades that made too much sense so there was zero chance it would happen. However, today rumors came out that the Rockets were interested in Green.

If I were the Celts, I wouldn’t trade Asik straight up for Green. Especially since Asik hasn’t played a game since December 2nd, so what good is he doing Houston. However, if Houston would throw in a first round pick (which wouldn’t be very good anyway) I’d pull the trigger. I know Houston was originally asking for picks, but why not improve your team now to make a run?


An even more intriguing trade (seen above) would include the Pacers sending the underutilized Granger to the Celtics. This would also get a future draft pick from each team (the next one Indy is allowed to trade) to Boston (both probably very bad picks). While the Celtics get Asik and Granger (and Grangers $14M coming off the books next season), both which could start, they’d also get two first-round picks. I don’t expect the Celtics to keep all these picks they’ve been accumulating, but they’re chips. The Rockets would get Green who could be the third best player on the Rockets, a scorer who can create his own shot (which basically only Harden can do), and even a solid ball handler. The Pacers would bring in Wallace and Bass. The Pacers are already one of the top teams in basketball but this would give them one of the best benches in basketball to go with the best starting 5 in the game. This would also give the Pacers a lot of guys they could throw at LeBron in the playoffs.


To get even less likely and more ridiculous (seen above), lets add in a 4th team. The New York Knicks. This is essentially the same deal except the Knicks would get Bass and they’d send J.R. Smith to the Pacers. I’m not sure if either team would want to add the other player, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did either. The Knicks are getting sick of Smith’s act and with the Pacers he could be a dynamic scorer from the bench. He’s a better scorer than Granger and significantly cheaper. The Knicks would get out of three years of Smith, while taking on two of Bass. Bass is a much better team player and may be a better fit in the locker room and most importantly, it gives them a grinder and inside player which they really only have with Chandler. Also, with Chandlers and Stoudemire’s injury past, they may want a big. This will also open the way for Hardaway. 

Out of all these teams, who says no? Maybe the Knicks (totally depends on their feelings on Smith) , but in all other scenarios it seems fair. The Celtics get worse, add picks, get out of Wallace’s contract, and get an expiring contract. The Rockets get better, the Pacers get better. With all that said, none of these will happen (Maybe I’m totally undervaluing Asik) but I like the three team trade the best.

Could the Draft Wheel Replace the NBA Draft Lottery? - Grantland

I like this idea a lot. Basically there is an initial lottery to find where you draft on the wheel and then for the next 30 years you go clockwise. Simple.

the graphic highlights the top six slots in red to show that every team would be guaranteed one top-six pick every five seasons, and at least one top-12 pick in every four-year span.”

It’s main intent is to stop tanking. However, I think this would make NCAA basketball more interesting to an NBA fans too.  If I knew my team had the #1 pick, I’d watch the top few prospects very closely. Each team would also have a top-6 pick every five seasons, but wouldn’t get 2 top-6 picks very close unless they made a deal. This would also mean that if for some reason you can’t resign your high draft picks, you’ll be drafting a replacement soon. If you can resign him, you can build through the draft.

I’m aware of the downfalls. Like the rich getting richer. But maybe adjustments to free agency or a hard salary cap could help that. Perhaps making teams like the Heat not able to afford a big-three and an additional #1 pick will cause more deals. I’m always for more deals. Also consider, will knowing where your draft pick will be make dealing picks more common?

I don’t know. I don’t really like the lottery and I’m open for suggestions.


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