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I know the NFL is all about who you have taking snaps but fantasy is the complete opposite. All the experts say this time and time again but when they do mocks it’s with all other experts so you don’t see many chances of this actually getting implemented because they all wait. In normal leagues it’s not like that at all. This year I did a couple mocks and 3 real drafts and waited on quarterback and I love the results. These are my three real drafts.

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The Best (Fictional) Quarterback of All Time - GRANTLAND

I can’t resist posting this. All the love for Johhny Utah! But he totally should have been number two so we could post Gary Busey yelling “Utah! Get me Two!

Is this a playoff game or week one of the regular season? Both teams looked unbelievably sloppy on their first possessions’. And Morstead getting hit in the nuts while mishandling that snap was priceless. Someone please let me know when there’s a gif of that.

Brent Musburger awkwardly interviews Eminem.


This is too perfect. 

THE NFL : A Bad Lip Reading