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"Best tip-in play of the century."


The future of the Celtics - Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker - pose together during a 2000 SI photo shoot. (Peter Gregorie/SI)

GALLERY: Iconic Photos of the Boston Celtics

I’m willing to bet that this is the greatest (non-cupcake involved) Gerald Green picture ever.

Celtics to re-sign forward Kevin Garnett to a three-year, $34 million deal, sources tell Yahoo! Sports. @SpearsNBAYahoo

I like this deal a lot. KG will be making about half of what he made annually in his last deal. I didn’t expect 3 years. I expected 2 at a little less than $30 mil. So I like this value. This is probably very close to what he would get out on the market. I assume part the expectations on him are that he will be mentoring the two 1st round picks the Celtics drafted the other night. This leaves the Celtics with a lot of money available. They can now target a wing player who can put up points.

I’m going to write about the celtics now but I’ll talk about my opinion on the whole draft tomorrow.

The Celtics did exactly what I wantedwith their picks. Well, besides making a trade. I wrote earlier that I wanted Fab Melo and another big. With what was left on the board it came down to Sullinger or Perry Jones. It seems like they made the better choice but it’s hard to tell with both Sullinger and Jones having an injury flag. I do like Jones a lot though. I think that was a great pick for the Thunder.

Either way, the Celtics got what they needed. Big guys who can control the paint. Last season the biggest weaknesses were rebounding and shot blocking. They addressed those needs. A year ago Sullinger would have been a top 5 pick, so he’s worth the risk. Sadly a guy who plays below the rim might now be their best rebounder. If he’s healty he might be their most physical player and second best inside scorer. Plus Boston can use a “Sully”. And you can see how I felt about Fab Melo in my earlier article.

In the second round they took Kris Joseph. Another ‘Cuse guy. They needed a wing player who can score and that’s exactly what Joseph is. It’s hard to expect a lot from a second rounder, but maybe he can develop into an explosive athletic player, like he was in college.

The Celtics haven’t really drafted a player I wanted since Jeff Green, who they then traded for Glen Davis (and Ray Allen), who I also wanted. This year they finally did so I’m happy with the results. So remind me not to complain if they don’t pan out.

(Photo: REUTERS/ John Sommers II )

Danny Ainge,

Draft Fab Melo.



The Celtics have two picks in a row (21,22) and one thing they haven’t had in a while is height. There aren’t many guarantees drafting in the 20s but i can guarantee that he won’t get shorter (Of course I loved Hasheem Thabeet). Fab Melo is a legit 7 footer. He’s not the best center in the draft, but he may be the best one left at the 21st pick. I don’t care about offense. He’s a good defender who can move and (sort of) rebound. That’s what the Celtics need. I’ve seen people compare him to Perk defensively, which is great, but he’s also 2 or 3 inches taller. He doesn’t need to be a great offensive player, if he can finish around the rim, Rondo will get it to him.

With the other first round pick, I hear Royce White and Andrew Nicholson. I don’t imagine that they’ll both be available, so take which ever one is left. I’d be happy with that. Adding two big guys would be a good move. However, if the Celtics were to take the most explosive scorer on the board, I’d accept that. They could use a 2 or 3 who can crate their own shot and be a solid offensive contributor. Guards aren’t a huge need. But I wouldn’t hate Marquis Teague. If Bradley is going to start at the 2, Teague can backup the two guard spots. I would love Rivers, but he won’t be available. And surprisingly, won’t fit in Doc’s system.

Overall, I’d aim to add two big. At least one player who can be a presence in the middle. Someone who can grab some boards. an ideal draft for me would be Royce White and Fab Melo.

The end of the Big Three. But which Big Three?

Although all games sevens are vitally important, this one will strongly change one franchise. After tonight we will see one of the big three get broken up. 

If the Celtics lose the questions are about free agency. Allen and Garnett are two of a handful of contracts expiring for the Celtics. I expect Garnett to be back but I see Ray Allen as a goner. I’m sure boston will use that money to attract a good player and with Green returning the Celtics could still be a good team in the East but not with all of the Hall of Famers that we see now. Doc Rivers is a question mark too. He’s under contract and I’m positive he will be back but there have been rumors of other teams having interest in him running their front office.

If the Heat lose, Spoelstra is gone. I have no doubt about that. Many times he appears to be out coached but I do think he will land on his feet somewhere eventually. The real question is, what about the big three in Miami? I don’t envision them staying together. The move I hear rumored that could make sense is Wade for Howard. That would make the Heat even more of a powerhouse, and after the way Howard acted this year, even more unlikable.

If the Heat go to the Finals and don’t win the title they could stay together. It will be another disappointment but they might give it another run. No matter what happens to the Celtics the big three are most likely splitting up. The question is, will tonight be the last game they play together or do they get one more series?

If I was to pick a winner tonight, it’d probably be the Heat. It’s not a game I would bet on though. My heart wants the Celtics. I do expect Rondo to have a huge game. He always does in big games. If him and KG go off, which is quite possible, the Celtics could just as easily win.

With all that said, as you watch tonight’s game think about how the outcome could change the league for years to come. With all game 7s the league changes, usually in a historical aspect (record books) more than for the future. But we’ll either see the end of three hall of famers playing together or a possible dismemberment of a super team. Aught to make for an interesting night.

(Photo by Steve Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images)


Celtics fans are pretty incredible last night when they weren’t tossing beer on ‘Bron

Witness this video of Celtics fans loudly cheering “Lets go Celtics” with a minute to go  and Miami ahead by 20. Both Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Breen were impressed and so was I.

They were cheering on their team for a game 7 they won’t be at; they were cheering on their team to win (again) on the road and take the series; they were saying goodbye and thanks for the incredible season, if the Celtics lose game 7; they are some of the best fans in the country.  

They were awesome; it just sucks one fan besmirched the whole thing.

h/t I Am a GM

They were probably cheering too over the fact that it could have been the last game for “The Big Three” at the Garden. That’s to be seen.

For future reference Boston fans, LeBron can probably afford his own $9 beer, but it’s the thought that counts.

Tonight I was out near Fenway and I had to navigate through the city of Boston, past bars, on public transit while attempting not the see or hear the score because I DVR’d the game. I got home successfully without knowledge of anything that happened. Nothing from that point on went the way I’d hoped. I assumed that Miami would win this game so I wasn’t blindsided. Although most players on the court were atrocious to watch, LeBron James went beast on the Celtics. 45 points, 15 rebounds, and 5 assists. He put up a great performance, it wasn’t the best single player performance we’ve seen in the playoffs (still goes to Rondo), but I feel like it might have been the most impactful this playoffs.

Game 7 here we come!

(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)