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The Red Sox overpaid for Rusney Castillo. 7 years for 72.5? I read a lot of Rajai Davis comparisons. Brett Gardner with more power. When I hear that I think Johnny Damon. They need a minimum of Damon at his peak to get full value out of this contract. I was liking the 6 for 50 rumors I heard but those 22 mil could be better used elsewhere. But this opens up the (slim) chance of JBJ or Mookie going to Miami in a Stanton deal. Either way, I’m intrigued to see him in Boston. Congrats Boston you won the headline.

For a month, Jeff Francouer’s teammates on the El Paso Chihuahuas convinced him that teammate Jorge Reyes was deaf. He didn’t know it was a month long prank until he watched this video with the team in the clubhouse.


David Ross recreates “Major League”

Today the Tigers traded for SS Alex Gonzalez from the Orioles, basically guaranteeing that they won’t sign Stephen Drew. It’s been a long offseason for Drew since rejecting the Red Sox arbitration offer of around $14M. Boras seems to always reject arbitration and it appears as if Boras has lost for once. At least for now. Are we allowed to cheer against agents? I usually root for the players over the owners but for some reason the way that Boras conducts his clients rubs me the wrong way. There were instances in the past where it looked like players passed up resigning with their happy situation because Boars wanted them to test free agency to end up with the highest bidder. As a Red Sox fan, part of me wants to see Drew sign somewhere before the draft so the Sox get a pick but it seems like a bigger victory for Boras to take a loss. I say all this but in the end it always seems like he finds a contract for his clients. Why do owners keep falling for his tricks? As recently as Saturday Boras claimed that Drew has a 3 yr $39M contract on the table. So why not take it? Boras is going through a similar circumstance with Kendrys Morales. Teams are starting to value the draft picks more than ever. Is there something wrong with the way Boras conducted his offseason or are the compensation rules of MLB the real problem?

‘Monster Sled’ Being Added To Frozen Fenway

Picture courtesy of the Boston Red Sox

Living so close to the historic park, I’ll have to go at lest once and check it out. I wonder if I can use the World Series trophy as a sled?

These are still new thoughts with all the details not in yet but this is my initial reaction.


Jacoby is going to do great in New York for a few years. This isn’t the same as the Crawford contract because Ellsbury has proven himself in a big market. The park will be very friendly to his swing in his prime. Look for his power numbers to go up. But for how long will a guy who’s value is built mostly on speed be worth $22M? He’s 30 now. Based on my very limited and half-assed research currently 16 teams don’t even have a 37-year old on their roster (I imagine these are a year behind, but still…). At a certain point, this contract will be another albatross. Possibly soon. That’s a lot for a leadoff hitter. And let’s not get into the injury history. Some of those were complete flukes, but his durability has been questioned. For a team that wants to get under $189M the Yankees have spent a lot of money this offseason. But to me that makes me think a few things, Cano is a goner, and they’re very confident that they can get out of A-Rod’s contract (which would be the best move of this offseason). But we’ll see about the last part.

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