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The Jets ain’t got a QB controversy, they got a catch 22. It don’t matter whether it’s Sanchez or Tebow ain’t no one can catch it and they’re always down by 22.
Carl, Aqua Teen Hunger Force via the SVP Show





Mike & the Mad Dog’s embrace on “Radio Row” in Indy, Tuesday.

Mike and the Mad Dog…Sports Radio 66, W-F-A-N
They’re talkin’ sports, goin’ at it as hard as they can,
It’s Mike and the Mad Dog on the FAN
Nothing can get by ‘em, turn it on and try ‘em, Mike and the Mad Dog, W-F-A-N


Back when FAN was listenable midday, and before I really used the internet, these two fueled my after-school sports thirst.

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Too Much Moneyball - Movie Trailer

The story of the New York Yankees and their strategy for success.

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Sandmen, plural.

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