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FGCU Dunk City

Just passing this along. It’s an interesting read about how KG, NBA money, and whiny youngsters have all but killed the center position in college basketball.

Here’s another bracket tip.

When in doubt, go Chalky.

SportsPage Bracket: Mike PTM

Since all of the writers are jumping on this, I might as well to so I can be ridiculed when I lose. I’m in four pools this year and it’s the first time I have different brackets. Usually I fill out the same for all of them but this year I have three versions. This is the one I’m least confident about, USF winning two game, as if. Hahvhad, (which I can say like that because I live down the street) to win. I may have picked St Mary’s just because of STEVE HOLT! Which you’ll all find funny once you realized that someone on the team is named that. But this is the one I’m putting against them, so I might as well post this one. I did pick Kentucky to win all of my brackets, which I”m sure a lot of people did. If I have advice for anyone, don’t pick Syracuse to win it all, which means they will probably win.


just make your entry name your url or something and if you dont have an ESPN account just log in with facebook.

The password is scrub

(via thecatacombkid-deactivated20120)

Oklahoma State women’s basketball coach Kurt Budke and assistant Miranda Serna have died in a plane crash along with two others, just 10 months after the school commemorated the 10th anniversary of a crash that killed 10 men associated with the men’s program.

The plane went down Thursday night in Perry County, Ark., the school said in a news release, killing the pilot and another individual not affiliated with the university.

Budke, 50, had opened his seventh season as the Cowgirls’ coach on Sunday with a 96-60 win over Rice in Stillwater. - ESPN