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Good lord Bryce Harper.

Hey, someone tell the Phillies in case they pull this shit again.

When I was 19 I lead the local three town wiffle ball league in home runs, RBI, and wins. Take that…


High Expectations

19-year old Nationals rookie centerfielder Bryce Harper hit his first career home tonight, a 429-foot blast to dead center. Listen to the call of MASN play-by-play announcer Bob Carpenter.

There’s number one!

And several more hundred to follow! We hope!

Talk about high expectations. video

Phillies Fans heckled Jayson Werth as he left the game with a broken wrist.

Ok. I’m going to be all over the place for this post, but here it goes.

First of all, all cities have bad fans and good fans. It sucks and we only remember the bad and the bad is more in our face than the good. Boston fans recently went through a similar thing when they got eliminated from the playoffs. Bad apples…

When people make broad generalizations about fans, their fans will be in the spotlight soon enough. It’s not too long ago that new Phillies closer, Jonathan Papelbon, ripped on his former fans while praising his new fans. Soon into the season his new fans were booing him. I’m sure he didn’t love his fans at that moment either.

It’s funny, when you think back to 1997. JD Drew’s agent, Scott Boras, said that Drew shouldn’t be drafted unless the team was willing to pay $10M for him. The Phillies drafted him anyway and didn’t want to pay him that much. So Drew signed in the Northern League. When he first played against the Phillies at Veterans Stadium, fans threw batteries at Drew, as if he was the 1st player to not sign his draft offer.

In the Werth situation, it is terrible that fans cheer when an opponent get hurt, even if they left your team in the past. According to reports fans said things like ‘You deserve it’ and ‘That’s what you get’. Werth is going to be out at least 12 weeks. Would Phillies fans even want Werth with his contract at this point?

I started off by saying that no fans are worse than other. Then I talk about Phillies fans, but what I’m really saying is don’t judge a fan by their fellow fans. I think every team has a variety of fans. There are passionate fans, pink hat fans, and nonchalant fans. Each have different flaws. Are the overly-passionate fans worse than the fans of teams that don’t show up to watch the games? Teams that can’t afford players because fans don’t show up.

Now I’ll defend the Phillies on a different issue.

Cole Hamels. It’s funny, yesterday I saw someone call Cole Hamels a douchebag and I saw a Phillies fan call Mike Rizzo a douchebag. It’s all about perspective.

Let me put an impartial opinion on this. Hamels hit Harper intentionally. It was stupid to admit it and I don’t like anyone getting intentionally hit. We’ve seen many lives ruined by getting hit with a baseball. But we have a penalty in the game for it. The player gets a base and the umps could eject the pitcher. That same inning, Harper stole home. So who got the last laugh? Plus later in the game Hamels got hit. Are we going to pretend that was by accident? Let’s just call it even. Things worked themselves out in the game. Let’s not suspend someone. If you do, you’d have to suspend both pitchers.

Bryce Harper just stole home!