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MUST WATCHThe Webbys, Spike Lee and the Year in Sports

The great team over at Grantland asked me to put together a video covering the Year in Sports online for the Webby Awards.  Not just the big moments in games, but the moments that took off on the Internet.  I happen to have two rules in life:

  1. Be kind to others.
  2. When Bill Simmons’ Grantland calls and asks for a video covering the Year in Sports online for the Webby Awards - and not just the big moments in games, but the moments that took off on the Internet - you say yes.

So I made one.  Kindly.

What I did not know is that my video would be played on a giant floating screen, amidst a complex framework of pipes and bubbling erlenmeyer flask.  I also did not know Spike Lee would introduce the video, but I gotta be honest, it’s the really huge, bubbling erlenmeyer flask that surprised me. [SCIENCE!!!]

Best part is, if you turn the volume on your computer all the way up, and listen really, very closely, in a room that has little to no distraction whatsoever, you can hear one laugh.

Hope you watch and enjoy.  Thanks to Grantland for the opportunity, and check out their incredible site here.



MUST WATCHBlake Griffin watches Bill Simmons’ 1998 dunk tape

I was quite fortunate to get the opportunity to work with two true, American gentlemen in Blake Griffin and Bill Simmons (ESPN’s Sports Guy) on the video above.  Not only am I a colossal fan of both, but the concept for the video made the production easy as pie.

A young Bill Simmons videotaped himself dunking a tiny, little half-basketball, on a far-below-regulation basketball hoop.

“I’m glad to see you grew into your ears.” - Blake Griffin


"Bill Simmons and John Walsh discuss the life and legacy of legendary journalist and author Hunter S. Thompson."

It’s probably not in my best judgement to post “competition” (I write comically), but I found this really interesting.  Hunter S. Thompson started and ended his writing career as a sports writer, a profession that I do now.  So I find it quite engrossing to listen to two famous writers talk about a fellow writer,his crazy antics, and the paths their careers took.

Is there any chance that you’re going overseas to be the commissioner of some league that I don’t know about?
Bill Simmons interviewing NBA Commissioner David Stern
Kobe loses control of a pass, doinks it out of bounds and pretends he got fouled. Nope. After a Miami turnover, Kobe bricks a 30-footer. Game time. Awful game for him. And apparently, he agrees: An hour later, he’s seen shooting jumpers in the same darkened arena. Say what you want?about Kobe, but he gives a crap.