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Farewell to The Greek God of Walks

After playing in Boston for 9 season the Red Sox have traded Kevin Youkilis to the Chicago White Sox. Youk was a part of two World Seres titles, a three time all-star, and a gold glove winner. Youkilis moved from 3rd to 1st and back to 3rd, with 2 games at 2nd, and 22 in the outfield. He moved where ever the team needed. 3348 at-bats, 959 hits, 594 runs. 133 home runs, 563 RBI, 494 walks, a batting average of .286, .388 OBP, SLG .487, and an OPS of .874. These are the numbers that Youkilis produced in Boston. The things that the numbers don’t show is a hard work ethic, a passion for the game, and a player willing to play or bat anywhere. Youk is no longer the player he once was. Years back I heard a scout I respect say that when Youk loses “it”, he will lose it fast. Maybe that’s happened. Who knows? Injuries and age may have caught up with him.

From the moment that Middlebrooks got called up I was writing about trading Youkilis. It was just his time to go. I remember the day that Nomar was traded. People were shocked and taken back. I on the other hand was trying to convince people that it was a great deal. No one bought it at the time. I’m not sure how people feel about this deal but I think it’s good.

I do believe that Youkilis will be an upgrade for the White Sox. His health will be an issue, but if he’s on the field, he will produce. He may not be the player that we’ve seen but he won’t be as bad as his number have looked this season. 

From the Red Sox angle, this is the first year in a while that I don’t hear about a pitcher knocking at the door in the minors. The organization has high hopes for Barnes but he’s not close to the bigs. Stewart has yet to put up good numbers in the majors but as recently as 2009 he was the top prospect in the Blue Jays system. He’s 25, so he might not be considered a prospect much longer. With Lillibridge, whatever. He’s fine. He will be a player who can play anywhere in the field but he won’t impress with the bat. At all. Maybe that will make trading an outfielder even more possible.

Maybe Stewart turns into something. That’d be great. If nothing else, it will add depth. This is a deal that needed to be made. I couldn’t imagine the Red Sox getting much more for Youkilis. It may not be what fans expected but it’s better than nothing. I anticipate other deals to be made wether the Sox are planning on competing or not. Look for Shoppach to be dealt with Lavarnway coming up and at least one maybe two outfielders.

Now that the Youkilis era is over in Boston it can only be seen as a success. He helped break a curse and I’m not talking about his language. If this team had 9 players with his intensity, although there’d be a lot of bickering to the umps, it would be a great team to watch and root for.

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