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It’s time for another episode of “Terrible trade ideas that will never happen, but it’s fun to talk about”.

Today’s terrible trade ties in some recent developments. 1) Ainge is willing to trade the big three (no kidding, every GM should be willing to trade anyone if the price is right.) 2) LeBron and Bosh as elevating their game without Wade. 3) Someone please buy the Hornets. Pretty please.

Let me reiterate that this trade will never happen, I expect Wade to spend his career in Miami. It’s also preposterous to think that the Heat and Celtics would make a blockbuster deal with each other. It’s just fun to talk about.

So here’s the deal. Wade and Anthony to Boston, Okefor and Allen to Miami, Jermaine O’Neal, the best of Boston’s 1st round picks (Boston, Clippers, Timberwolves), and Miami’s next available first round pick (They have a lot of picks owed to other teams).

For every team there are benefits and downfalls to this trade.


Boston gets Wade and Anthony. The Celtics are old and slow. After this year, they will have room for two max contracts. Why not get one of those players now in Dwyane Wade? The Celtics starting five would be Rondo, Wade, Pierce, Garnett, and Anthony. A very good defensive team that can still put up a lot of points. Next year the Celtics could sign a top free agent. Dwight Howard? Not likely, but imagine that team, adding Howard to Rondo, Wade, and Pierce.  After next season they will be able to sign a top FA to replace Pierce too. Wade and Rondo will run great together. The biggest worry is Wade’s injury history. Wade would add a dynamic scorer that they no longer have and he would help the Celtics get younger and more athletic.


The Heat have played well without Wade. LeBron and Wade are both elite players but their styles are very similar. Wade is clearly the best player in this deal, but the Heat are adding two potential all-stars. Okafor would be their starting center and Allen could start at the 2. The weakness of the Heat is center and point guard. This would replace one of their weaknesses with a good player. The front court would be Okafor, Bosh, and LeBron. Imagine all of the open looks that Allen will get when the defense closes in on those stars. After this season Allen is off the books and the Heat will still have Okafor, Bosh, and LeBron. Maybe Allen will sign back with the Heat (for less) or the Heat could use that money to sign a player for their backcourt. I know it would hurt the Heat to lose Wade, but they would gain a great shooter and an above average center. The Heat would be starting 4 all-star caliber players.

I couldn’t imagine Heat fans would want to trade Wade, but it will be difficult to bring in many players without moving one of their stars. The way the team is currently made-up isn’t too shabby either.

New Orleans

Ok. This one is the hardest to see as do-able. The Hornets, increasing their value to sell, would get out of the Okafor contract, which isn’t a terrible contract, but it would open up money in the upcoming offseason. They would also gain two first round picks and it would give the new management a lot of flexibility to mold their new team.

Like I said, there is no way this deal will happen but it would improve the Heat’s chances of willing a title this year (not sure long term if this makes them better or not, depends on their offseason.), set the Celtics up for a good transition away from the aging team, and help to sell the Hornets prepare for sale. Come on Danny, at least make the phone call.

EDIT: After I wrote this I saw that Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports wrote that the Heat should trade Wade to the Celtics but in a different deal.

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