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Derek Jeter Isn’t The Greatest Player Ever

Asker matix0728 Asks:
I took a QB in the second round, I had 3rd pick. I took a gamble & sacrificed a solid RB2. Only time will tell. I, too, contemplate these same strategies ur referring to. My team Brees Murray Chris Johnson (lacking RB2 as I said) Calvin Andre Johnson (Yea 3 Johnson's) V. Davis A. Boldin Panthers D/ST Gostkowski -Bench- Kaepernick Deangelo Williams Rudolph Ivory Nicks Bills D/ST Justin Hunter (blowing up?) *my biggest toss up was who to start in the flex spot. Boldin, nicks or hunter.
sportspage sportspage Said:

So here’s the thing. This seems like a shallow league. If you got Brees in the 2nd, that makes me think you took Calvin 1st and that means that Murray dropped to the 3rd round (so not a lot of teams). I may be wrong though. It’s possible Lacy, Martin, Foster, Demaryus, AJ Green, or Julio were there in round 2. Why did you need Kaepernick if you had Brees? If you took Martin (or whoever) in round 2 you could be starting Kaepernick, Murray, Martin, Calvin, Andre,Davis, and CJ. I’d like that lineup better. Just my opinion.

I do love Justin Hunter. I think he’s going to have a great year.


I know the NFL is all about who you have taking snaps but fantasy is the complete opposite. All the experts say this time and time again but when they do mocks it’s with all other experts so you don’t see many chances of this actually getting implemented because they all wait. In normal leagues it’s not like that at all. This year I did a couple mocks and 3 real drafts and waited on quarterback and I love the results. These are my three real drafts.

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The Red Sox overpaid for Rusney Castillo. 7 years for 72.5? I read a lot of Rajai Davis comparisons. Brett Gardner with more power. When I hear that I think Johnny Damon. They need a minimum of Damon at his peak to get full value out of this contract. I was liking the 6 for 50 rumors I heard but those 22 mil could be better used elsewhere. But this opens up the (slim) chance of JBJ or Mookie going to Miami in a Stanton deal. Either way, I’m intrigued to see him in Boston. Congrats Boston you won the headline.

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Martin Brodeur: 21 years as a Devil

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This might be go down as one of the greatest moments in Ducks history

In Teemu Selanne’s last game ever of the regular season, he went over and grabbed long time teammate and ducks legend, J.S. Giguere (Who is contemplating and will possibly retire as well at the end of the season) and together they did one final lap around honda center.